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Seven Tribe Playground is a nature play school in York, PA committed to spirited learning, imagination, growth, and outdoor adventure for both preschoolers and K-5th graders. 

We spend as much time outdoors as possible! We have 7 acres to explore and a nature park full of open-ended materials that encourage creativity and discovery. Our indoor classrooms are inspired by nature and promote a sense of peace.

Kids are capable, creative, curious, full of potential, and worthy of respect. Preschoolers need ‘Yes’ spaces in which to play freely and feel valued, because it’s through play that true learning takes place. Our K-5th graders need small, outdoor classes with teachers who will both nurture and challenge students to be their best. 

Our approach is holistic; we believe that developing social skills, emotional intelligence, and mindfulness is just as important as the ABC's and 123's. Our classes also include art, music, and yoga.

Seven Tribe Playground is a small community where communication and lasting relationships are valued. 

Jumping in Puddles

Enrollment is easy and online.

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We're proud of what we do here at 7 Tribe and we'd like to share that with you. Words can only describe our nature play school so much. Come visit with us and experience our natural approach to school first-hand. Learn about our values, our approach, and our community.  


Upcoming Events: 

February 26, 2022 Open House

April 23, 2022 Open House

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If there’s anything you’d like to know about our programs and curriculum, please get in touch.


950 S. Duke Street, York, PA 17403


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